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Why Ignore the Threat Posed by Global Warning

A comprehensive agenda for combatting global warning exists. Why won't world leaders implement it?
Ask Aesop

Meeting Ian Fleming

The author, as a child, meets the creator of James Bond without being aware of it.

Walking After Midnight

Walking After Midnight starts a laudable second career for fictional shamus-in-spite-of-himself Max Darenow, whose reverence for Raymond Chandler's hero Philip Marlowe is evident in his tough-and-tender approach to life. The author’s voice also drew comparisons to Nelson DeMille and Scott Turow from What Mystery Should I Read Next?, a literary guide.

Second Thoughts on an Intruder in the Night

A true account of a family’s night of terror and its aftermath, particularly the effect it had on the couple’s five-year old son, who begins asking questions about the intruder’s own family, his motives for breaking and entering, and why people turn to crime. It causes his father (the author) to have second thoughts about his confrontation with the intruder, who he corners on a narrow railing 14 stories above the street, the criminal’s fate in the father’s hands.

Selected Poems

She’s One

She’s one of those
people on whom
you can rely,
when the world’s
when thoughts run
deeper than the rut
we’re in. She’s
the kind you want
to be around
when you’re
naked and no one
else will do.